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Ms. Sabine Grabosch

Physio Mutter Kind 73
English-speaking Physiotherapeutic Treatment Munich-Moms and Baby
English-speaking Physiotherapeutic Treatment Munich-Moms and Baby
English-speaking Physiotherapeutic Treatment Munich-Moms and Baby

Are you looking for English-speaking physiotherapeutic treatments for you and your baby? Moving to a new country, especially as a young family, can be overwhelming and challenging. As expats living in Munich, finding English-speaking healthcare professionals can make navigating the healthcare system even more difficult. This is particularly true for new mothers and their babies, as well as young children. Sabine Grosch can provide crucial support for these families during vulnerable times, including postpartum recovery and rehabilitation for infants with motor delays or developmental issues.

Moreover, communication is key when it comes to understanding and effectively treating conditions or injuries in young children. Being able to speak in one’s native language with a healthcare professional can improve the quality of care and aid in the healing process.

If your baby suffers from neurological dysfunctions, you can take advantage of Sabine’s practice based on the principle of Bobath therapy, which depends on neurophysiological and developmental neurological principles. The focal point is the affected person’s resources, which are addressed and optimized in the therapy through a range of techniques and methods (such as handling, everyday tasks, and environmental design). In this way, your baby will be specifically challenged and encouraged. Since individual sessions are planned for this kind of physiotherapy treatment, you and your baby’s needs would be focused upon, and if needed, further medical advice would be sought. Start building a relationship with Sabine now to ensure the best care for your little one.

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