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Ms. Sabine Kroh

Call a Midwife - online midwife service

If you’re looking for midwife services offered in English, you can rely on ‘call a midwife’ founded by Sabine Kroh. Sabine has been a midwife for the past 30 years and has enjoyed her profession, which is also her passion. She strongly believes in the advantages of the digital world to help families and women who don’t have access to well-trained and experienced midwives and healthcare professionals. She founded ‘call a midwife’ to extend a helping hand to such families and women. Apart from experienced English-speaking midwives, this dynamic organisation lets you choose from a group of knowledgeable and independent midwives from all over the world, who’re ready to offer a range of medically savvy advice. Here, you’ll also get individual counselling in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and other languages on request. As the midwives here are specialists, they are capable of offering digital support on everything – right from birth preparation and pregnancy to postpartum care, breastfeeding, and how to take care of your baby over the next few months. Read More

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