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Ms. Renate Maltry

Maltry Rechtsanwältinnen
English-speaking Lawyer Munich-Maltry Law
Family Law in Munich
Property Lawyer in Munich

Maltry Law is a law office with over 37 years of experience specialising in Family Law in Munich. As an English-speaking expat living in Munich, it’s important to have a family lawyer who can effectively communicate with you and provide sound legal advice. While English may be widely spoken in the city, it’s still crucial to have a lawyer who is fluent in the language to handle delicate family matters like divorce or alimony. This is especially true for expats who may not be familiar with German laws concerning these issues.

Finding an English-speaking family lawyer also allows for easier communication when discussing sensitive topics such as child custody and visitation rights. Whether you’re just starting a new life in Munich or already settled here, having a compassionate and caring family lawyer can provide peace of mind and assistance with any potential legal issues that may arise. Don’t hesitate to start your search now and ensure that you have the proper support for all your family legal needs.

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