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Ms. Marcella Ammerschläger

Praxis Ammerschläger
English-speaking Psychologist Munich-Psychotherapeutic Treatment- Expat Patients
English-speaking Psychologist Munich-Psychotherapeutic Treatment- Expat Patients
English-speaking Psychologist Munich-Psychotherapeutic Treatment- Expat Patients

If you’re looking for an English-speaking Psychologist in Munich that offers psychotherapeutic treatment to help people find themselves, you should come to Miss Marcella Ammerschlaeger. She provides behaviour therapy for depression, anxiety, burnout, or adjustment disorders like personal crisis or difficult situations in the job or relationships. Expats in Germany or people from other countries who have come to Germany and are finding it difficult to settle in or feeling lost about how they could find their place or zero-in on their role in the new country too can get help from Miss Marcella Ammerschlaeger.

Moving to a new country can be exciting, but it can also bring about feelings of insecurity and disorientation. She understands the challenges that come with settling into a new culture. That’s why she offers psychological support specifically geared towards expats in Germany who may be struggling to find their place or purpose. Through therapy, she will work together to navigate feelings of homesickness, cultural adjustment, and identity struggles. And for those who may feel isolated because of language barriers, rest assured that your sessions will be conducted entirely in English. So, if you are an expat feeling lost in Germany, I encourage you to reach out and seek support. To find happiness, you must find yourself at first.

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Miss Marcella Ammerschlaeger has conducted some studies related to addiction in computer games and about cyber-mobbing and even written about them to educate people. She likes to offer her expertise and guidance to people with ADMD (Alcohol Dependence and Major Depression) to help them get their personal and social life back on track. Reach out to this Munich-based English-speaking service provider today if you need competent psychotherapy treatment.

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