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Ms. Johanna Gonschorek

Samui Oriental

Whether you want to let the week’s stress and tension wash away or relax your tensed muscles and aching back, a massage and spa at Munich’s Samui Oriental are just what you need. From whole body massage and classic sports massage to foot reflexology, classic back massage, hot stone massage, aroma oil massage, traditional Thai massage, herbal stamp massage, and neck, shoulder, and head massage, Samui Oriental offers them all.
Despite offering massage and spa at the highest level, this English-speaking service provider’s price/performance ratio has never been observed before in Unterföhring and the surrounding area. But this isn’t the sole USP of Samui Oriental. All its treatment rooms have air conditioning and underfloor heating to ensure they’re optimally tempered for you, irrespective of whether it’s blazing hot outside or the dead of winter.

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