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Ms. Catherine Scheffer

Holistic Functional Counselling

Catherine practiced as a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Winnipeg (Canada) for almost 10 years before moving to Germany in 2014. She’s inspired by Functional Medicine and Holistic Mineral Balancing (using Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis), Bio-regulatory Medicine, and The Wise Woman Tradition. It’s these relatively varied inspirations that have helped her holistic approach to address and reduce inflammation, enhance nourishment, and gently help your body to detoxify. When you engage in these essential and basic steps daily, as she recommends, you’ll be on the path to building vitality, health, and overall well-being. This will then help you to more deeply and effectively address any remaining dysfunction and dysregulation in your body to achieve dynamic health and lasting wellness. So, contact this English-speaking service provider today to get started on the path to holistic and functional nutrition for overall well-being. Read More

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