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Mr. Matthias Maus

Sehkraft Augenzentrum Laser Clinic

If you seek an English-speaking service provider for your eyes to maintain your vision and quality of life, you should come to sehkraft. It’s one of the most experienced and prestigious eye clinics worldwide. It’s also renowned for individual state-of-the-art solutions for life without contact lenses or glasses, high-end laser-assisted cataract surgery, enhanced visual performance, as well as the prevention and treatment of early stages of AMD. Led by Matthias Maus, who’s a globally renowned ophthalmic surgeon, sehkraft is equipped with the latest technology to deliver top-notch services while maintaining the highest safety standards. For example, sehkraft uses artificial intelligence for the LASIK procedure and has an unmatched team of experts at work. No other centre across the world can match this setting.

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