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Dr. med. Dirk Gröne

Interdisziplinäere Dermatologie

Finding a modern dermatologist with services offered in English isn’t an easy job. But now, you can head straight to Dr. med. Dirk Gröne’s practice named Interdisciplinary Dermatology. With an excellent practice infrastructure, it offers three departments to choose from – the Day Clinic, Outpatient Clinic, and Surgery Centre. Dr. med. Dirk Gröne and his team at Interdisciplinary Dermatology focus on holistic dermatology. They strongly believe dermatology takes on a pilot function between the medical disciplines and is the gatekeeper of new developments for interdisciplinary therapy management. And that’s why the practice has three independent specialist departments to cover all facets of the subject, namely medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology, from a solitary source while staying in close contact with clinics, colleagues, and research institutions to ensure the clients’ safety and medical advantage. Read More

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