Mr. Dr. med. dent. Arnim Schulze-Berge

Zentrum für ganzheitliche Zahnheilkunde und zusätzliche Kieferorthopädie

If you’re looking for an English-speaking service provider whose range of services includes the entire spectrum of modern orthodontics, Holistic Orthodontics should be your go-to destination. Dr. med. dent. Arnim Schulze-Berge is the owner of this holistic orthodontics clinic in Munich Bogenhausen. He’s also its specialist dentist for orthodontics. As its name suggests, Holistic Orthodontics has specialized in holistic orthodontics for several years and offers you the best possible treatment with optimal competence today. It uses internationally recognized methods and leverages its clinical-scientific experience gathered from many years of practical activity to deliver top-notch services to all its clients. Read More

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