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Mr. Daniel Lehnert

Kanzlei Rechtsanwalt Daniel Lehnert

If you’re an expat in Germany or an international traveller in need of traffic criminal law services offered in English, attorney Daniel Lehnert can help you. From traffic offenses to offenses on the Autobahn and public roads such as endangerment of road traffic, risky interventions in road traffic, and driving in a drunken state, Mr. Daniel Lehnert can help you with the right legal counsel and course of action. He’s at the helm of the Lehnert law firm at Charlottenburg’s Fasanenstrasse 73 and is a fluent speaker of business English, French, and Spanish. Germans are proud of their cars and the nation plays home to some of the most popular car manufacturers like BMW, Audi, and Porsche. However, German traffic laws are complex and contradictory. On one hand, the nation guarantees freedom from speed limits on its Autobahns. But on the other hand, it provides an extensive range of regulations - from misdemeanours to felonies, for the police officers on highways and the Autobahns (highway patrol) and law enforcement to act upon. Read More

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