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Mr. Daniel Lehnert

Kanzlei Rechtsanwalt Daniel Lehnert

If you’re looking for legal services offered in English in Berlin, you should come to attorney Daniel Lehnert. He heads the Lehnert law firm located at Charlottenburg’s Fasanenstrasse 73 and speaks fluent business English along with French and Spanish. He focuses on defense and victim-representation (if possible) in business criminal law, criminal law, tax law, white-collar crime, murder, rape, drug crimes/narco, manslaughter, hit-and-run, sexual abuse, fraud, computer crime, and conspiracy. His office corresponds mostly in German and English, which makes it a top draw among expats in Germany and others looking for an English-speaking service provider. Mr. Daniel Lehnert focuses on victim law and criminal law and has been solving legal affairs and attending court cases to get his clients the best legal results for over 10 years now. Since the German legal system is complex and functions differently from the American and Anglo systems, you need a professional lawyer on your side to negotiate and intervene, as and when required, when facing the German authorities, dealing with the nation’s conservative rules and judges, and preparing for your appearance inside a European courtroom. Read More

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