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Ms. Sabine Berg

Sabine Berg – Thala-Beratung

Ms Sabine Berg is a trained Feng Shui consultant based in Frankfurt. She has years of experience and is fluent in English, she can help promote your overall well-being and protect you by ensuring the chi in your home or office flows unhindered. Still not sure why Feng Shui matters? Think about how certain spaces make you feel comfortable or uncomfortable when meeting new people. That feeling is connected to the flow of energy in that space, which is what Feng Shui seeks to optimize. This ancient Chinese practice focuses on harmonizing the energy in a space to promote overall well-being. By rearranging furniture, using colours and objects that support your goals, and allowing for plenty of open space, Feng Shui can create a relaxing and productive atmosphere in your home or office in a foreign country. It may sound strange at first but give it a try – you just might find yourself feeling happier and more fulfilled in your daily life in your new city.

In just a few visits, she can help align the energy in your environment to bring peace, stability, and prosperity into your life. No matter what obstacles you may be facing, Feng Shui can clear the path for the free flow of chi and enhance whatever is already working well for you. By working with Sabine, you can ensure that your home or workplace allows for the free flow of chi, or life energy. This can lead to increased peace, stability, and prosperity in all aspects of your life as an expat living in Frankfurt.

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