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Kardiologie Ganzheitlich Fünf Höfe – Preventive Medicine

Dr. Thomas Raeder
Cardiologist in Munich
English-speaking General Practitioner in Munich
Preventive Medicine Doctor in Munich

Dr Thomas Raeder is a Preventive Medicine Doctor in Munich. He speaks English which if great for expat patients. At this clinic they help to uncover health risks through targeted, meaningful and skilful examinations in order to be able to counter-regulate as early as possible and prevent diseases from developing in the first place.

The main diseases in the western world today are arteriosclerosis, heart attack, stroke and cancer. But mental or psychosomatic illnesses are also on the rise. This includes burnout, depression, stress or, for example, physical complaints such as back pain caused by mental stress.

This is where modern preventive medicine comes in. The genetic predisposition only influences the ageing process or the development of diseases by about a third. Lifestyle and environmental factors have a much higher influence. This means that you can, to a significant extent, control whether you feel and are physically fit, mentally strong, immune and balanced.

Preventive medicine is considered one of the most important basic elements of naturopathic and traditional medicine.
The basic principle is one of the most natural and sensible of all – namely health promotion.

Our goal is to help you stay healthy and happy in Munich.

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The best possible results can only be achieved if you understand people as individuals and perceive them as a whole and consider all the details of their health and their environment:


Sonography / duplex / 24h measurements

Sports medicine examination

Joint sonography

Nutritional advice and mineral and vitamin analysis

Stool diagnostics / microbiome / fungi / tumor

Heavy metal analysis and elimination

Hormone profile and natural hormone therapy

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