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BRANDL TALOS Rechtsanwälte

Brandl Talos Lawyers in Vienna

At Brandl Talos, our English-speaking Penal Lawyer in Vienna is available to offer strategic advice as well as legal representation concerning business offenses related to fraud and misappropriation. We understand the concerns of expats being involved in any form of white-collar crime.

At BRANDL TALOS, we are not only known for our legal expertise: We are companions, advisors and sparring partners. We always keep an eye on the entrepreneurial side of things. Our lawyers are not only experts on the latest legal developments, they also understand the economic risks and opportunities and support clients in making the right decisions. Together we find the optimal solutions for long-term economic success, so that entrepreneurs and companies can focus on what is most important: their business.

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About Alexander Stuecklberger, Attorney at Law

Alex specializes in representing companies, as well as their managers, in complex criminal matters and related corporate and employment disputes. He leads internal investigations and advises companies on employment law matters.

The prestigious Legal 500 lawyer ranking lists Alex as a “Rising Star” in white collar crime law.

Working Highlights:

Representation of the former CEO of a global corporation in criminal proceedings for bribery, breach of trust and false testimony

Representation of the CEO of the former second largest construction group in Austria in criminal proceedings for breach of trust, fraud and the falsification of financial statements as well as related claims for damage compensation

Advising the CEO of an Austrian family office regarding an allegation of market manipulation


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