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Oasis HR

Oasis HR (Recruitment & Search)
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Oasis HR is a top leading recruitment/corporate staffing and overall HR consulting agency in Africa. We are well-known for securing top professionals for our clients, and we have a strong presence in African countries including Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda. Our expertise extends beyond just recruiting, as we also offer a variety of HR consulting services to optimize performance and growth for individuals, teams, and organizations. We pride ourselves on our ability to connect Africans with exciting employment opportunities abroad, making us the go-to agency for Africans seeking employment in Germany. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Kenyan or Rwandan offices for more information. Let us help you take the next step in your career journey.

We offer solutions to top companies and foreign firms aiming at securing the best in the industry. We have recruited for client’s mid-level managers, top-level management and senior executive professionals including board members. We also offer an array of professional employment solutions focused on optimizing both personal, team, and organization management strategies for tangible and experiential performances and growth.

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