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Frankfurt or as it is also called Mainhattan

Frankfurt is a cosmopolitan city, a financial center and an economic metropolis. In this city you can find history, art, tradition as well as a multicultural society. At the same time, Frankfurt is one of the most underestimated cities when it comes to quality of life and variety. As the only German city, Frankfurt is one of the Alpha cities. That Frankfurt is a banking city has tradition. About 250 years ago one of the biggest banks ever was founded here, the Rothschild Bank.

Frankfurt is visually characterized by its skyline that is why it is also called “Mainhattan”. The most beautiful overview of the city can be enjoyed from the Main Tower. The most skyscrapers in Germany are located here 14 of 15 nationwide.

More than just banks

But the city has more to offer than just banks and the stock exchange. The greatest German writer “Goethe” was born here and the Paulskirche was the place the first German parliament took place in 1848. The almost capital, is a combination of modernity with history. The beautiful old town around the city hall Römer, which was destroyed in the 2nd World War has now been completely rebuilt. 35 half-timbered houses were restored using old wood from the period. It lasted from 2009 until 2018.

But besides the history, you have to realize that Frankfurt also has a lot of modern things to offer. Frankfurt’s trade fairs are known worldwide, be it the IAA or the Frankfurt Book Fair, the largest in the world. This city manages to combine modernity with tradition. For strangers or new residents, Frankfurt often seems like a cold city at first glance, because of its skyscrapers but has many cosy little places which make life comfortable. The Main River shapes the entire cityscape. If you cross it at some points over the numerous bridges, you come to the so-called south bank, meeting place for young people and students. In addition to cheap street food, you will find meadows that invite you to linger.

The Main River shapes the entire cityscape. If you cross it at some points over the numerous bridges, you come to the so-called south bank, meeting place for young people and students. In addition to cheap street food, you will find meadows that invite you to linger. The south bank is also called Museumsufer because of its numerous museums and galleries.

Must visits

Here we must emphasize the Städel Museum, which presents art from 700 years. Afterwards, you can refresh yourself at Cafe Mendez, a place run by the Frankfurter Kunstverein, which stands out for its uniqueness. another interesting part of the city is the Osthafen. There, at the foot of the ECB building, a huge amusement park was built, where you can relax, but also do a lot of sports. Other interesting districts that characterize the image of the city are the Bahnhofsviertel and Sachsenhausen. While the Bahnhofsviertel, which used to be dominated by the red-light district, today stands for modernity and diversity, Sachsenhausen is the city’s nightlife district. Numerous restaurants, bars and clubs determine the image of the affluent district. A small part in Sachsenhausen around the Brückenstraße is the the place where young families live and on can find small interesting and unique shops which offer for example small but fine manufactory products. For Immigrants who are looking for an apartment there is an extraordinary place to check in.

The Libertine Lindenberg is a special hotel in Sachsenhausen. It is oriented to the German singer Udo Lindenberg, who has lived in the hotel for more than 20 years. So it offers guests the possibility to check in and live there for a longer period of time besides a normal overnight stay.

Besides these quarters there are many places which make Frankfurt special. At the Emperor’s Market, you will local vegetable stands as well as international specialties and you can find many stands offering the famous “Grii Soas” (Green Sauce).It is eaten with potatoes and egg, and consists of 7 specified herbs. Not far away is the Kleinmarkthalle (small market hall), where 60 vendors offer food, wine and the famous “Ebbelwoi” (apple wine). The hall is one of the meeting places in Frankfurt.

Of course, Frankfurt has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing. It would lead too far to list them all here. Most of them can be found on the Internet, where you can find the most important and interesting information. We want to name here, the most important for us. Everyone who visits Frankfurt or decides to live there will gradually find the ones that fascinate him/her.

The old town around the Römer

In the smallest part of the city you can find numerous cafes and restaurants. Through the reconstruction of the east line on the Römerberg typical representatives of the half-timbered architecture were rebuilt, this characterizes the neighborhood and is unique. In addition, you should visit the Saalgasse. There was built a whole street with houses modeled on the 80s architecture. Each house was designed by a different architect. In addition, there are numerous museums here, which have something to offer for almost every taste.

The Goethe House

Perhaps the most important German writer was born and spent his childhood there. At the same time, the building conveys a sense of life in the 18th century.

The Städel Museum

This museum offers art from 700 years. Anyone who is enthusiastic about the old masters or modern art will find what they are looking for there and can devote hours to the extraordinary works.

The Main Tower

This skyscraper is virtually a MUST see. From there you can enjoy the view over the skyline of Frankfurt as well as the view of the Taunus. Who wants to get an overview of the city must go there.

Of course, there are numerous other attractions. Like the Paulskirche, where the first German parliament met in 1848. The zoo impresses with its diversity. The imperial cathedral is also worth a visit as well as the Museumsufer. As you can see, Frankfurt has something to offer for every visitor, you just have to set out to explore the city.


Like in every bigger city in Germany you will find all Kinds of international and traditional restaurants all over town. Ebbelwoi Unser stands for traditional, local cuisine that is based on the recipes of grandmothers. You can find numerous recipes with green sauce but also other delicacies.

Nionryori Ken is known for its upscale Japanese cuisine. There you can choose between a 10 and 8 course menu to indulge yourself. Furthermore you will find many Italian, African and Chinese Restaurants everywhere. I recommend to search in the internet before you make your choice.

So the alpha city of Frankfurt with all its contrasts captivates many people. If you think about moving there in order to work you can expect an international city which provides in all the above mentioned matters something for everybody. It is a good choice you probably won`t regret.