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Most people are afraid of filing taxes. They fear making mistakes or getting in trouble with the tax office. In reality, 9 out of 10 people receive a significant refund when they file taxes. Therefore, Taxfix helps taxpayers to claim back their rightful money — they have earned it and are entitled to receive it as tax refund. In particular, we want to help those taxpayers who need it the most. Our tax app offers an intuitive solution to help taxpayers like you receive highest possible tax refunds. With an included plausibility check and an automated data check, your tax return will be accurate, complete and sent instantly to the tax office. On average, you only need 22 minutes to file your tax return, even if you have no experience with taxes.

Complete your tax declaration with Taxfix – quick, paperless and through the app or your browser. Clarify your tax situation in the inquiry-response process and let the app calculate your potential tax refund. When you choose to file with Taxfix, we securely submit your data to your tax office using the official ELSTER API interface.

How does it work?

  • Go to taxfix.de and start your tax declaration
  • Register for free and without obligation
  • After following the process and calculating your refund, you can file your declaration right within Taxfix

Taxfix_Expat Tax Declaration