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Babbel is the world’s best-selling language learning app, designed to teach you a language through real conversations.

Babbel builds new language grammar and vocabulary on the foundation of the language you already know. In fact, no two Babbel courses are the same. They are all unique, taking into account the similarities and differences between “language pairs” – your native language and the one you are learning.

The Babbel method trains your brain to learn constantly. It takes as few as 10 minutes a day, and you can continue to learn outside of the app “hands-free” through our 20+ podcasts.

Babbel’s app uses a subscription-based model, because we want to work directly with each language learner — without interruption by a third party. Ads are distracting, and working on a subscription model means learning in a more focused and effective way. When learners win, Babbel wins.

73% of users indicated that they would be able to have a short, simple conversation in their new language within 5 hours of using Babbel.

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