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Living in Switzerland

5 Fun Ways of Making Friends Abroad
5 Fun Ways of Making Friends Abroad

Trying to make new friends, especially when you're living in a whole new country, might sound a bit challenging at first, but it's not just about having people to hang...

5 Reasons Why Living Abroad Should Not Scare You
5 Reasons Why Living Abroad Should Not Scare You

It is always easier to decide on making a big step when you have an idea of what is awaiting you. What can you do to make living abroad comfortable?...

The 4 Best Expat Cities in Switzerland
The 4 Best Expat Cities in Switzerland

If you're considering a move to Europe, let us tell you about the best expat cities in Switzerland.

National Parks in Germany
National Parks in Germany

Germany, Austria and Switzerland are some of the best countries in the world to disconnect from the stress-inducing pace of our daily lives and engage with nature. In addition to...

Living in Zealous Zurich – A City Guide
Living in Zealous Zurich – A City Guide

Welcome, let’s find out what is its like living in zealous Zurich! Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, located in the heart of the country. It is a vibrant...

Living in Geneva – A City Guide
Living in Geneva – A City Guide

Located in a South-Western protrusion of Switzerland and right at the Southern tip of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) lies the city of Geneva. Living in Geneva has become increasingly popular...

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I think that would be a great initiative and an added value service for expats like myself.


What a great idea to set up a website for English-speaking ex-pat's in Munich to help with everyday challenges.


I am looking forward to your services in the mentioned topics in the survey.


Sounds exciting and we would definitely use it for a myriad of reasons. Particularly as we are getting ready to move to Germering and require all of these services. Specifically, sometimes it is hard finding doctors who speak English. And both Cecilia and I work with auslanders who do not speak German, either (and would as well be interested).