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What is Project Expat?

We understand that making a foreign country home, when you don’t speak the local language, can be difficult. At Project Expat GmbH, we strive to help you find English speaking service providers across different service categories. As expats move from their home to Germany without an established network, it is important for us to find the right partner for your needs. Regardless of how long the expats have been living here, we leverage our expertise to help them make their lives as uncomplicated and secure as possible without having to forego any possible benefits. While curating the list of our partners, it was important for us that not only the service is offered in English, but also the quality of service. We recommend our partners to our expat clients.

With our headquarters in the vicinity of Munich and office in the heart of Berlin, Project Expat GmbH has built a network of English-speaking service providers for English-speaking expats.

Why did we launch Project Expat?

The founding partners of Project Expat have been interacting with Expats for over 20 years. Their expat clients would reach out to them seeking help for details of English-Speaking service providers in Germany- doctors, tax consultants, lawyers etc. The professionals who received these referrals also had very positive feedback about the new clients they received. This unmet need presented a winning opportunity to create a directory of service providers where both the service providers and the service seekers stand to benefit from the association. Hence Project Expat GmbH was found and project-expat.com was launched.

What is our Promise?

  • English speaking service providers
  • High quality of service
  • Verified & Trusted by Project Expat Team

Meet the Team

Founder & Managing Partner

20+ years of experience in advicing expats across multiple counries

Founder & Managing Partner

20+ years of experience in financial advice for leading companies in Germany

Sr. Market Manager

Sales Queen and Cat lover

Sr. Market Manager

Why stay in gray scale when we can enjoy all the beautiful colours of the world :) Let´s get in touch with all the different cultures, let´s see all the beautiful colours of the world :) Everyday the sunshine brings new things to enjoy!

Sr. Market Manager

I've been in your shoes! As an expat myself, I know how it is to feel lost because of not speaking the local language. With a background in renewable energies, it is a big satisfaction for me to make this world a better place. I love to be part of this project and to contribute to make life abroad one bit easier

Independent Business Consultant

I have Banking and Retail experience in my homeland and moved to Germany as an expat spouse! Need I say more- I am loving this project- such a great idea

Head of Marketing

Spread the word! I love doing Marketing - especially when it is for such a great purpose as Project Expat. My goal: to fill Project Expat with life & love.

Head of Sales

My glass is always full, even when is empty is full, because there is always some rain or some small lake full of water. Full positive and optimistic, with more than 20 years of experience in talking to people. Talking and finding the best solution, making life easier for every person that choses to move to Germany, this is what I can do.

Business Developer

Between being raised on two continents and working in with people from all walks of life over the last four years, Project Expat combines two things I am extremely passionate about: Having the opportunity to meet lots of new and interesting people and at the same time making life a bit easier for the Expats that decide to make their life here in Germany.

Business Developer

Moving to Germany at the age of 18 was one of the hardest yet best decision I ever had taken. The second challenge was to learn German. Thus, I understand and identify with every single expat who moves here looking to build a life. With an entrepreneurial background, I feel like it is my duty to help make everyday life easier and find solutions for those who started out like me. And that's exactly the reason why I love working at Project Expat.

Content Marketing Manager

To me, connecting with people from different backgrounds and learning from each other is the spice of life. While spending a little time abroad, however, I also got to experience firsthand how important a community where you're heard and understood is for your sense of belonging. We strive to be that community for you!

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I think that would be a great initiative and an added value service for expats like myself.


What a great idea to set up a website for English-speaking ex-pat's in Munich to help with everyday challenges.


I am looking forward to your services in the mentioned topics in the survey.


Sounds exciting and we would definitely use it for a myriad of reasons. Particularly as we are getting ready to move to Germering and require all of these services. Specifically, sometimes it is hard finding doctors who speak English. And both Cecilia and I work with auslanders who do not speak German, either (and would as well be interested).