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Looking for English-speaking Services?

Project Expat is the go-to source for finding quality English-speaking services in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Our website and app provide an online directory of English-speaking service providers. Whether you’re looking for a doctor, lawyer, or plumber who speaks English, we have the expertise to connect you with the right service provider for all your needs. We understand that making a foreign country your home can be difficult and we know how difficult it is to try to communicate in a foreign language. At Project Expat GmbH, we strive to help expats living in or moving to Germany, Austria and Switzerland find English-speaking service providers across different service categories so that your transition is as smooth as possible. Our team of specialists are dedicated to helping our English-speaking expat community make the most of their time in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland – so you can focus on enjoying this amazing experience!

Choose your location first

Project Expat is here to help expats living in Germany, Austria and Switzerland navigate through your transition! By selecting your country and city, we can provide personalized assistance and resources tailored to your specific needs and area. Take advantage of our comprehensive list of service providers we currently offer in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland – from finding a family doctor to navigating bureaucracy in the DACH region to networking with other expats in your area. We are excited to assist you on your journey to build a new home!

Our goal is to expand our services to as many European countries as possible, so keep checking back for updates on our expansion plans.

Concierge Services

The Project Expat Concierge Services is a free and unconditional service that offers assistance to expats in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. We are dedicated to helping English-speaking expats with information you may need during your transition, from finding service providers to advice on how to manage your finances or the best insurance for you and your family. Our website hosts a variety of services all in English, and we also have a network of trusted service providers across multiple cities and countries. So, whether you’re a new expat or have been living here a while and in need of some extra help, let Project Expat Concierge Services make your life easier. We are here to help you with a solution within 48 hours.

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If we are unable to assist you within 48 hours of your contacting us, we will plant a tree on your behalf as an apology and part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. Click here


We’re thrilled you’re here and want to help you get the most out of your experience in your new country. Explore Project Expat to stay up-to-date with trends helpful tips, insider insights, connect with other expats and check out our special offers.


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